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Nate and Serena Get It On When Gossip Girl Returns Monday

Finally, Gossip Girl will be back this Monday after a two month hiatus and E! has a sneak peek that reveals so interesting new developments for everyone’s favorite couples, Nate and Serena, and Blair and Chuck.

It looks like Nate and Serena are getting busy on top of Chuck Bass’ couch, and luckily for Chuck, Blair had it Scotchguarded.

The bad news is, that Blair and Chuck don’t seem to be “connecting” quite as well. “He’s shutting me out,” Blair tells Serena, “in his head, all the time. Last week he went through something and if he’s still upset, I just want him to be able to talk to me.”

But, don’t count them out just yet, the show’s runner, Stephanie Savage, has hinted that the power couple will be just fine. In fact, that “something” (which is probably the return of Chuck’s mom) may get them on track.

“Chuck and Blair’s main story when we come back will be solving the mystery of the lady at Bart’s grave,” Stephanie said. “Who she is, where she came from, what she wants. I think it’s a really great Chuck and Blair story that’s very emotional. You see them working together and supporting each other in a way that I think fans will really enjoy.”

Check out the entire preview below:

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