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Gossip Girl Returns Tonght With International Drama

As Gossip Girl ended last season, Blair and Serena were on their way to Paris to forget about the boys of the Upper East Side and enjoy their freedom.

So what will tonight’s season premiere hold for the girls and their New York cohorts?

First of all, don’t expect Blair to go running back to Chuck, even though they do have a run in while in Paris.

“Blair is pretty clear with Chuck about her emotions,” the show’s Executive Producer, Stephanie Savage says. “We’re a long way from forgiveness and peace.” Things between the volatile pair will continue to be complicated throughout the season, but Blair’s focus will move to life at Columbia University. “She’ll be thinking about her future… What she wants and who she wants to be, and whether she can be someone separate from Chuck.”

Serena will also be testing the waters as a singleton. “I think that’s her journey,” Savage says. “Can she be defined without a man in her life? It’s sort of a legacy she got from her mom, Lily, and they’ll have a big story that will come to a head around Christmas. It’ll delve into Serena’s relationships, her romantic past and her underlying issues with her mom.”

As for Chuck, he’ll have a new love this season, Eva, who saved his life in Paris and tags along with him as he returns to New York City. “Chuck will be trying to move on in his own way, and make some changes to his life,” Savage says. “He sees bringing Eva along as a way to merge his two worlds. She sees him with fresh eyes. She gives Chuck a chance to start over again and put some of his past in the past.”

In the meantime, Dan steps up to the plate and takes on Daddy duty for Georgina’s baby, without a paternity test! “He’s sleep-deprived,” Savage explains. “He’s dealing with a newborn baby. He’s also in a little bit of denial. There is a part of him that doesn’t want to know the truth. He wants to cling to the hope that maybe this isn’t really happening to him.”

As for Nate, he has his family problems. Savage wouldn’t spill on exactly what they are, but its safe to assume they’ll involve his jailbird dad.

Finally, don’t expect to Jenny, she’s been shipped off to her mother’s house aka Taylor Momsen wants to concentrate on her band.

Are you excited about tonight’s premiere?

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